How Antognolla Golf Course Increased Efficiency With Centralized Systems and Accurate Reporting With the Help of Chronogolf Business

It was 2017 and a new client was knocking on Keith Haslam’s door. The client had recently acquired a new operation, Antognolla Golf Course in Umbria, Italy and needed assistance to develop the quality of the existing golf course and operations.


After looking initially for a simple and effective online booking software for a client, I was very impressed with what Chronogolf had to offer and very quickly we installed further features. The internationally experienced Golf Director at Antognolla Golf Course has stated it is one of the most intuitive golf management software platforms he has used and now is looking to install across the food and beverage parts of the resort as well. 

Personally, I like the approach to using best of breed partners and the modern and open approach to collaboration which will only enhance this excellent management software. They are certainly part of the new breed of software suppliers in the golf and hospitality business and from my experience, one of the best

Keith Haslam, Managing Director, Braemar Golf Services 

Based out of St. Andrew’s, Scotland, Braemar Golf provides full service consulting to golf course developers. Keith Haslam, who serves as Managing Director at Braemar Golf,  provides management consulting to developers from early planning and design, through construction, to post-execution. One of the very first specific requirements that Haslam had been tasked with helping Antognolla Golf Course was to ensure golf could be booked online as part of a new resort website.

Initially, the website designers opted to look at generic room booking software to build into the website’s interface. This search turned up lackluster results and Keith knew immediately that he wanted to give his client a better solution that would grow as the resort did. He needed something that was aligned with the future of the golf industry and would serve as a better platform to build an actual golf course management strategy.

At the time, Antognolla was using spreadsheets to manage members, tee sheets, accounting, and bookings. It was clear to Keith that better technology was essential to improve inefficient processes, improve service levels, and understand the business with better data analysis.

As an experienced industry professional, Keith knew a lot of the systems on the market. He was aware that he needed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, and he knew any system he chose would have to be easy to set up, cost-efficient, serve as a platform for building a strategy, and most importantly work in Italian.

Very soon Chronogolf stood out as a top contender for Antognolla, it was user-friendly and the company’s best-of-breed approach meant the golf course could freely add features and functions to slowly implement a better strategy, without imposing too many changes at once. An added plus was that the software was already in French and worked in Europe, so it could be easily translated into Italian and function well in the Italian market.

Antognolla Golf Course eventually settled on Chronogolf and began an initial installation of the tee sheet, member management suite, and the online booking tool which integrated seamlessly with the new Resort website. With training sessions and the addition of an Italian dedicated customer support person, staff onboarding went very smoothly. Team members could see the value in the new system and immediately embraced the new changes, allowing them to focus on service and their guests.

Since adopting the system, Chronogolf has been able to address many of the challenges that Antognolla Golf Course was facing. Haslam notes that the software brought “almost immediate” efficiency with centralized systems, accurate reporting, and a more professional level of service. The Golf Director at Antognolla at one point expressed to Keith that he believed switching to Chronogolf was a key decision and has set a platform on which the future management systems of the club can be built on.

Today, Antognolla has expanded its management strategy to make more use of the best-of-breed features Chronogolf offers. The golf course soon added Lightspeed POS solutions to the pro shop and now benefits from the added data analysis the retail integration provides. Next season the operation will add Chronogolf integrated Food and Beverage POS and management systems to its restaurants.


Chronogolf Helped Antognolla Golf Course

  • Increase efficiency with a centralized system
  • Derive actionable insights with better data collection and reporting
  • Provide quality service in Italian
  • Easily onboard new staff
  • Generate more revenue with online bookings

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