How to Prepare for the 2019 PGA of Ontario Golf Industry Expo

Posted by Christopher Dagenais on October 19, 2018

The PGA of Ontario Golf Industry Expo will take place at the LOT42 Global Flex Campus in Kitchener, Ontario from October 29 to October 30, 2019. The primary goal of the event is to create a central location for golf operators and vendors to do business. This is a great opportunity to discover and compare new products for golf courses. As a busy operator, it can often be challenging to keep up with all of the latest trends in the industry, but the Expo provides a great place to walk the floor and catch up on everything that has come out in the past year.

Preparation is key

You can buy all of the products you’ll need for next season from over a hundred exhibitors. Before you attend the show, you should take an in-depth look at your sales last year. Having a cloud-based inventory management software will make it much easier to analyze your sales. You can see which products were bestsellers so that you can order more, and which products didn’t sell so well so that you can replace them with merchandise that your customers will like better.

You should bring a tablet so that you can access your software at the event. You’ll be able to check out your inventory levels from the Expo floor and update them as you fill out orders. This takes a lot of the friction out of the inventory buying process, as you won’t need to go back through all of the orders as they arrive at your facility to record them into a book, all you’ll need to do is go through what you received to make sure it matches the orders that you’ve already entered into your software.


Networking Is Key

The PGA of Ontario Golf Industry Expo is also an amazing opportunity to network with suppliers and other course managers. Networking with suppliers will allow you to understand their products a lot better and learn about the future innovations that they’re working on so that you can already start thinking about how your golf course is going to change. Being on friendly terms with other operators means that you’ll be able to get insights into how they run their operation. This is especially advantageous at a regional show because the other managers may have some great ideas on how to run a golf course that cater to a customer base that’s similar to yours.

On October 29, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, you can attend the PGA of Ontario Awards Night. Several members and industry representatives will be recognized for their achievements throughout the season and their career. Aside from giving out awards, this event is another excellent way to get some face time and further your relationships with other golf industry professionals.

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