5 Reasons to Golf The Lakes at Ben Eoin

Posted by Chronogolf on May 8, 2017

1. Exceptional course design

The Lakes at Ben Eoin was designed with the player in mind from start to finish. Course architect Graham Cook puts it best “The Lakes presents the golfer with eighteen distinct postcard views. Each hole has its own special look. Consequently, the golfer will play with an expectation of what lies ahead or around the next bend. This diversity is a product of both the design and the setting: rock outcrops, long mystical views, crashing streams, grassy meadows and charming golf holes all combine to make golf at The Lakes both exciting and rewarding.”

2. Challenging and fun for all levels

Each hole presents a unique challenge to any golfer. Holes 4 and 10 present landscapes even the best golfers will have to think twice about while less advanced golfers will appreciate the break that it’s five par 3’s with stunning views will offer.

3. Convenient location

Found 15 minutes from Sydney, off Route 4, the The Lakes at Ben Eoin is an ideal place to host business events, parties, luncheons, and getaways. The conference room gives way to a scenic view of the ski hill and golf course and it’s restaurant boasts a delicious menu for all tastes. This quiet getaway will let you take in the natural scenery of the Nova Scotian country side while provide the ultimate luxury experience.

4. The halfway shack at hole 9

Need a break from the greens? Make sure to stop by the halfway shack at hole nine and enjoy a bite to eat or a cold beverage. This little resto stop is perfect distraction from a that bad three put, give yourself a chance to refocus!


5. Discounted tee times on the Chronogolf.com Marketplace (35% Off!)

The Lakes at Ben Eoin has made booking tee times incredibly easy and modern with Chronogolf. Easily book tee times directly on their website on your personal computer or phone, you even see which tee times and available and which ones are not. Not to mention that the www.chronogolf.com marketplace offers tee times at Ben Eoin for 35% off, Chronogolf offers weekly deals that can be easily booked through the web. Don’t miss your chance to get a good discount at an amazing golf course, book now!

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