Chronogolf Integration Highlight : Stripe for online payment processing

Posted by Arnaud Jolois on April 21, 2017

online payment processing

3 reasons why Stripe is the new standard in online payment processing

You work hard to build your brand, get customers on the course and deliver great service. But when it comes time to handle payments, do you have the right tools? Take your golf course management to the next level by using online tee time booking software with payment processing that’s robust like Stripe. Here are 3 ways Stripe can change the way you manage your golf course:
golf card processing

1. You can accept online payments and create deals on-the-go 

Stripes makes online payment processing a pain-free experience. Start accepting all the major cards and currencies from around the world. Allow members to pay online directly. No need to type long credit card numbers over and over again. You can save customers’ card information to allow them to pay in a single click when they come back. Your employees and customers will love how practical it is.
  golf credit card processing

2. You can manage recurring transactions and house accounts

Do you handle tons of golf memberships and subscriptions?  Do you have members with house accounts? 
Stripe removes the stress and confusion from handling subscription and recurring transactions. Golf course memberships can be sold, modified and tracked. Manage all the subscriptions for your course, the way you want it. Stripe gives you full control and flexibility. Need to modify a subscription mid-month? Stripe automatically calculates how much is owed. Need to have multiple subscriptions per customer? Stripe can handle that as well.
   golf club payment plans

3. You can track sales and generate custom reports

Take better decisions, faster. Use Stripe's integrated dashboard to see your golf course's data in real-time. Get an overview of all the relevant online payment information - payment types, countries, currencies - in real time. Manage every incoming payment, outbound transfers, subscriptions and charges from your own dashboard. Get a quick and accurate snapshot of your business. Take critical decisions according to your own data, anytime and anywhere you want. Generate custom reports to analyze your business operations in real-time. Track sales, refunds, payments types, accounts and more. Generate account reports and activity reports every month to conciliate your sales.
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Key take-aways:

  • Stripe is an online payment processing software that integrates with Chronogolf
  • It allows you to accept all kinds of payment types and currencies easily
  • It also makes it easy for you to manage house accounts and recuring payments
  • Stripe gives you access to powerful tracking and reporting tools
  • Chronogolf integrates with Stripe to revolutionize the way you handle online tee time payment processing



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