Getting Ready for the PGA Merchandise Show

Posted by Alex Lavoie on September 29, 2017

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Get the most out of of this years PGA Buying Show

Every year golf course owners  congregate at PGA Buying Shows to make purchase orders, check out all the new products the vendors are offering, and see the new developments in golf course management technology. This year will be no different at the 2017 PGA Buying Shows and it's important for attendees to be prepared before going in. That's why we put together this helpful guide for attending trade shows before, during and after.

Before the PGA Buying Show

  • Take a look at the vendor list and make appointments

At the trade show vendors will be very busy so make sure to get the right amount of face time by scheduling appointments early. Make your schedule according to category so it's easier to compare items and prices and if possible try to keep appointments closer to one another to reduce time and energy spent walking the floor.

  • Check yearly and monthly inventory levels 

Your POS can tell you monthly trends and help you know what categories move faster in your pro shop. Make sure to know this information inside and out before meeting your vendors and be on the look out for items similar to your best sellers.

  • Read up on upcoming golf course fashion

You'll improve sales and strengthen the brand of your course if you sell trending clothing instead of a dated collection of boring gear. Looking at golf magazines in print and online can definitely help with choosing styles, colors, designs, and fabrics.

  • Rest up and get a good sleep 

Attending a trade show is work and it will tire you out. Save energy earlier so you can enjoy yourself at the final cocktail later. Eating well and resting during the trade show will make the meetings go better and ensure you have a good time.

During the PGA Buying Show

  • Wear business formal clothing

The dress code for these trade shows is absolutely business formal, this is not a another day at your golf course. Vendors and other golf directors have travelled from very far to meet and do business, they will look the part and so should you.

  • Do away with the bulky purchase order binder and use an iPad

With modern cloud technology you don't have to carry around a giant purchase order binder, some POS systems offer purchase ordering directly in their system through a wifi or cellular connection. Not only will you save time and energy at the trade show, but you will go home with your inventory ordered and entered into the system.

  • Keep your eyes open for new products and new vendorsPGA 

Now that you know your best sellers by heart keep them in mind as you walk the floor. Do you see products that would be complementary to your best sellers? Are there products that could extend your best product categories? By understanding how your inventory performs you should be able to garner some insight into how a new product would perform on your shelves

After the PGA Buying Show

  • Re-connect with the vendors at the evening cocktail

Now that the show is over you can relax just a little bit. The evening cocktail is good time to have one or two drinks and chat with vendors and attendees, use this time to follow up with any positive meetings and to learn more about the vendors and your fellow golf course operators.

  • Follow up with any important post meeting information 

Make sure to keep in touch with any vendor from whom you still need information. The sooner you confirm and order or ask for information the better because vendors are incredibly busy during this time of the year and will soon be tied up with the next trade show


Want to meet the Chronogolf team?

We will be participating in most 2017 PGA Buying shows and Merchandise shows across North America, and we look forward to meeting with you and hearing about the needs of your golf course.


pga trade show