Golf Course Management Tips for Year End Review

Posted by Alex Lavoie on August 9, 2017

golf course management tips

The season is over, the carts are stored away, the lockers have emptied, the greens are quiet, and you’ve shuttered the club house. Now is the time to take a break, do some maintenance and consider how operations performed over the last year. By taking a look at these four golf course management tips managers can gain important insights about where operations can be improved as we move into the offseason and onwards to next year.

1. Consider These Golf Course Management Key Performance Indicators 

Your key performance indicators (KPI’s) serve as a window into how your course is performing and where your operations can in improve. The ORCA report provides several KPI’s worth paying attention to when analyzing yearly performance:

  • Occupancy Percentage

OCC% = All Rounds Played / All Available Rounds

  • Revenue Per Available Round

RevPAR = All Green Fee Related Revenue / Capacity

  • Average Rate Per Round Played

All Green Free Related Revenue / All Rounds Played

These KPI's can tell you various things about how your course is performing and help inform decisions about pricing, revenue management, and operations management. For a full break down of these and other metrics see our white paper: Proshop KPI’s and The Ultimate Guide To Year End Review at the Golf Course.

golf course management tips

2. Look at the year-over-year performance of your Pro Shop and F&B operation

It’s about more than just looking at your bottom-line, golf course management needs to know the story behind the numbers. Check employee sales to see who performed best, use your sales reports and inventory levels over the course of the year to determine what items sold and stagnated. If your restaurant produced mediocre results, look at the data behind your menu and determine which items and beverages dragged your operation down. Of course it’s always important to include staff members in these discussions, because they understand the frontline of your operation, but pair direct insight with solid data and you will be able to find the best possible insights for determining where operations can be optimized for next year.

Feedback from your kitchen and pro shop manager can help identify some issues, but using a modern POS system that automatically stores customer data, inventory levels, and sales reports can help. If you are unsure of the ways your POS could help you gain business insights and provide valuable data, download our handbook How a POS System Can Grow Your Golf Course for detailed insights on emerging technology hundreds of golf courses are taking advantage of. 


golf course management strategy

3. Check your marketing initiatives and measure effectiveness

Every year golf course marketing management is becoming more and more important. Golf courses that use technology to enhance their marketing are experiencing better and better results, especially when it comes to reaching lucrative younger audiences. As a part of golf course management, you need to consider the ways your course marketed itself in the past year in order to refine your strategy for the next season. Take a look at conversion on paper and print ads, measure the overall effectiveness of your email send outs, consider your social media presence and review your marketing activities on digital platforms. Ask yourself if the message represented your brand and engages the intended audience effectively and look for ways to improve.

Some ways to measure your marketing effectiveness are to look at the click through rate on your emails, measuring the use of promo code in your print ads, or looking at the growth of your social media following.  Any marketing initiative can be measured for its effectiveness as long as you set up strategies for tracking and monitoring your promotional efforts. We at Chronogolf have written a lot of valuable content detailing modern marketing techniques applied to golf course marketing, for modern insights download our ebooks: How To Build an Effective Online Promotion Strategy For Your Golf Course and Email Marketing For Golf Courses: A Complete Guide To Getting Started.

golf course marketing tips

4. Reward your most loyal customers

This year you probably had a handful of loyal customers, golfers who came in every day to play a round, chat in the pro shop, and buy drinks and food in the lounge. They probably invited their friends and maybe even volunteered at events and tournaments. These players not only give your course a ton of revenue, but they are walking, talking advertisements for your course who bring in other players and turn others into like minded evangelists. It’s extremely important to make these highly valuable members feel important especially at the end of year. Don’t lose contact with your valued loyal customers over the offseason, now is the time to recognize their contribution to your bottom line and club house culture. Find a way to reward these most loyal customers with a rewards point program, a comped round, or even a special golf hat! If you give your loyal customer a reason to brag about their high importance at your course which they absolutely love, they will! All while promoting your brand, retaining the your most lucrative clients, and attracting new ones.

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Using good customer resource management (CRM) technology can help you reward loyal customers, especially if your CRM integrates with a loyalty rewards program, or permits special member discounts, promo codes, and packages. We understand how important it is to retain these customers so we wrote up a detailed guide to customer loyalty at the golf course, if you want deep and relevant insight into improving customer loyalty for next year, checkout our handy guide: Improving Customer Loyalty at Your Course.

golf course management tips