Guidelines for Online Tee Time Distribution | Golf Industry Podcast - Ep.2: Jared Williams

Posted by Alex Lavoie on August 7, 2017

Guidelines for Online Tee Time Distribution

     The Golf Industry Podcast - Jared Williams

On this week’s episode, Matt speaks with Managing Director of Golf USA Tee Time Coalition, Jared Williams.

Williams unravels the complicated web of golf software providers, and educates owners, directors and managers on what to look out for when purchasing club management software (tee sheet and golf POS). In this episode, Matt and Jared discuss:

  • The possibility of an open marketplace
  • The inner-workings of golf management software vendors 
  • Benefits and challenges of wanting to purchase a tee sheet and POS system from separate vendors
  • Why staff at pro shops do not capitalize on gathering as much customer information as possible
  • Questions to ask your technology providers to ensure they are adhering to industry guidelines
  • How to determine if your technology vendor adheres to the NGCOA's guidelines

Williams tackled a pressing subject in our industry, and gave a refreshing and impartial take on the current landscape of tee time distribution. Be sure to leave your comments below and subscribe to our podcast to get notified when new episodes are published.


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About Golf USA Tee Time Coalition

The PGA of America and the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) have joined forces to form Golf USA Tee Time Coalition, which provides education for golf course owners, operators and PGA members and serves as an industry monitor for compliance of third-party online tee time providers.

For more information, please visit


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