How to Grow Golf Pro Shop Revenue with Online Retailing

Posted by Christopher Dagenais on September 26, 2018

The exponential growth of online retailing has given golf managers a great opportunity to boost the business generated at their pro shops. Modern day golf management software allows for seamless integration between physical stores and online stores, creating an amazing omnichannel experience for golfers.

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In 2017, retail eCommerce sales worldwide grew to $2.3 trillion USD. Online selling is growing rapidly and golf courses could  benefit by increasing their overall revenue and visibility. The advantage that pro shops have over big retailers is their access to data on their local and loyal customers. Many golf courses are located in rural areas, away from large shopping centers where these big retailers located. Your customers may prefer the convenience of buying golf equipment on-site at your golf pro shop instead of travelling to a store.

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Up until recently, eCommerce was one of the main advantages that large retailers had over small pro shops. Golfers like the ability to discover and research golf products that retailers offer from the comfort of their own homes. Being able to compare golf products online through product descriptions and reviews is incredibly valuable to the modern consumer. 

Nowadays, customers have power over suppliers because they can select products from a wider range of sources than ever before. Combating larger operations means changing your pro shop marketing strategy and offering your customers the convenience of online shopping. Adopting an omnichannel plan where you seamlessly blend your physical pro shop with an online store is incredibly valuable, plus its easier than you think. Here’s why you should make the switch:


1. Attract Millennials and Tech-savvy Golfers

Millennials love to use technology and are very comfortable shopping and making purchase decisions online. Attracting millennials to your facility goes much deeper than just what improvements you’re making on your course, you should create a complete experience for every single one of your revenue streams. Leaving a lasting impression on your customers means offering a technologically integrated environment for every part of your business. That includes taking advantage of the devices that we carry in our pockets.

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2. Generate Online Reviews and Keep Your Customers Away from Competitors

Your web store should include detailed product descriptions and customer reviews, whether they are sourced from your own customers or elsewhere online. This will create an online word-of-mouth marketing strategy for your golf pro shop that will make customers feel more confident when making their purchases, either on your web store or in person.

Additionally, having these reviews and descriptions will mean that your golfers won't go to other websites to do their product research. Keeping customers on your website and away from competitors increases the likelihood of closing more golf equipment sales at your golf course.  Allowing millennial golfers and your tech-savvy players to shop online will complete their overall customer experience and have them coming back weekend after weekend.


3. Create an Amazing Omnichannel Experience for Your Golfers

An omnichannel pro shop marketing strategy at your golf course allows golfers to try out new equipment on-site, go home and do research on the products they liked, order and pay for the products they want on your web store, and then pick up their clubs before their next round. This smooth process lets consumers feel like they are more in control of their purchases, which will decrease buyer’s remorse and make them feel more comfortable shopping at your pro shop. It’s important to keep in mind that your online store should have a similar feel to your physical golf pro shop, so make sure your aesthetics online are on brand. Enhancing customer journey with omnichannel retailing  creates loyal buyers and more loyal golfers at your golf facility.




4. Track data with a good golf software

Using an advanced golf POS software that integrates with your eCommerce platform makes it possible to track every single purchase. Collecting this data gives your business the power to greatly improve the knowledge your sales team has before the customer walks through the door.

Your software's analytics and reporting tools should allow you to segment your customer base by demographics, buying behaviour, and player type. With this information, golf managers will be able to use tools, like email and social media marketing, to push select groups of golfers to your web store.

You’ll also be able to better manage your inventory by leveraging data to plan stock orders, improve the categorization of your merchandise, and analyze which products sell better than others. You can then use this information to replace items that are not selling well with your clientele's preferred products. 

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You will need a cloud-based golf software provider with eCommerce support to easily back up your transition to an omnichannel model. Your software should be able to collect better, more complete, more detailed data on your target market when developing your new pro shop marketing strategy. It’s important not to make compromises when choosing your golf course’s online retailing system. These kinds of investments will pay off in the long run if you choose good software that works with all your other IT solutions. 

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