The Perfect Thursday at the PGA Orlando Merchandise Show

Posted by Alex Lavoie on January 17, 2018

The 2018 PGA Merchandise Show is coming up next week and we're sure you have a lot planned for the duration of the exhibition.

Preparations aside, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed after the first day so we put together a little itinerary for the perfect Thursday in Orlando.

1. Grab a hangover breakfast before arriving at the Orange County Convention Centre.

If you had a little bit too much fun last night, kickstart your day with a good breakfast. We recommend the B-Line Diner across the street at the Hyatt hotel. Don't rush your morning, today is about exploring, learning, and most importantly enjoying the experience.

golf conference

2. Walk the floor and take in the atmosphere of the show

We're willing to bet that Wednesday was a total sensory overload. The PGA Show offers every kind of golf product imaginable and some beyond the imagination. With more than 2 Million square feet of convention floor to walk, there is plenty that you missed on day one so spend some more time taking it all in.

golf conference

Don't miss the new exhibitor section. Everybody loves the novelty products, they probably won't be back next year so check them out while you still can!


3. Stop by for a demo at the Chronogolf booth

Don't miss a good chance to catch up on all the new technology that is changing the golf industry as we know it. If you operate a golf course and think your technological solutions could use a facelift, stop by to see us at booth #3729 for a demo of our revolutionary club management software.

4. Attend the Golf Operator of the Future seminar

Join us in room W309 for a panel discussion that will unpack new technology and outline strategies for updating golf course operations. We're excited to welcome a talented foursome of panelists: Jason Wilson (CEO - Gallus Golf), Scott Merchant (Co-Founder - GolfBook), Stuart C. Lindsay (Pellucid Golf), and Matt Welliver (VP of Corporate Development - Chronogolf). Moderator Jim Kloppenhaver will do his best to keep the guys on the fairway, but this conversation is sure to cover all sorts of interesting topics! Space is limited, so reserve your seat now.

golf management seminar


Key topics our panelists will cover are: 

  1. Getting the best insights out of your data

  2. Mobile experience innovation

  3. Best practices with internet tee times and marketing

  4. Benefiting from cloud based club management solutions

Going to miss this years PGA Show? You can still download the companion e-book we wrote for the conference. It covers the seminar and provides real insight into industry marketing trends and technological advances.

the golf operator of the future

Download the white paper


5. Network with industry professionals

At such a huge event there are endless opportunities to network with people from all around the golf industry. You never know who you could meet so put yourself out there and shake some hands. We recommend putting together a hit list of people (or kinds of people) you would like to make connections with. 

golf operator conference

6. Swing on over to Topgolf in the evening to hit some balls and enjoy a pint

Orlando is host to one of the hottest new trends in golf, Topgolf! This unique driving range experience is a fun place to blow off some steam at the end of the day. What better place to woo a key contact who could bring your course to the next level!

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