GolfNow | The Golf Industry Podcast Episode 8 with Mike Hendrix and Will McIntosh

Posted by Alex Lavoie on July 17, 2018




This episode Matt Welliver sits down with Mike Hendrix and Will McIntosh from GolfNow live at their headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Will and Mike describe why they believe that modern technology makes the customer experience at golf courses so much better and how data has vastly improved the insights available to golf managers.

Together they discuss what cloud computing means for the golf industry and how it connects golfers to golf courses. Hear them unpack how distribution, automation tools, managed services, and cloud based software are all interconnected to ultimately drive revenue at the golf course.

They also discuss how GolfNow's Plus Services help golf managers:

  • Implement a better dynamic pricing strategy
  • Improve communication with golfers
  • Intelligently adjust pricing
  • Eliminate administrative burden on golf managers

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About Will McIntosh and Mike Hendrix

Will McIntosh is the Executive Vice President of Strategy at the Golf Channel. He oversees non television related businesses, the largest of which is GolfNow. Will is a seasoned veteran of the industry who has worked tirelessly to develop GolfNow's distribution services, management services, pricing software and a number of other business units at GolfNow.

Mike Hendrix currently leads GolfNow's Business Services unit which provides a variety of support services to golf managers, making their lives easier while reducing costs.

About GolfNow Business Services

GolfNow Business Services consists of GolfNow Plus, Answers, and Ride. GolfNow Plus is a managed inventory service that provides dynamic pricing consulting and services. Answers is a telephone reservation center that reduces the burden of taking and processing reservations on the phone at golf courses. Ride is a group purchasing program that lowers the cost of purchasing food and beverage products for golf course restaurant.

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