Women's Golf Day Is Coming Up, Host an Event For Free!

Posted by Alex Lavoie on February 11, 2019

Women's Golf Day is on the horizon, and with the season coming up, it's time for golf operators to start planning a Women's Golf Day event at their operations. 

It's no secret that getting women into the game is critical for the development of the sport. So, there no reason why golf courses should overlook this event, mainly because registering your golf course for the official event is FREE before February 28th.

What Is Women's Golf Day?

Women's Golf Day is an international initiative. In fact, 700 locations across 46 countries took part in the event in 2018. The event generates a lot of buzz and gets coverage from the golf channel and many print publications.

When golf courses register with the event, they receive support from the Women's Golf Day organization with planning and marketing the event. Courses who enroll are given the right to use Women's Golf Day branding and promotional materials to promote the event in their areas, and they are given instructions and itineraries to help plan the event itself.



When Is Women's Golf Day?

This year the event will be held on June 4th. Start times vary by location since each golf course is given the freedom plan the event itself. Most events last around four hours and are followed by a cocktail reception at the end and in some cases a dinner.

Some women's golf day events are held at retail centers instead of golf courses. Expect these events to run all day according to store hours.

Should Your Golf Course Host An Event This Year?

Women represent a demographic that the golf industry has overlooked. Even today the sport of golf remains a male-dominated environment. Golf is a beautiful sport and there no reason why women shouldn't be included. The life lessons, camaraderie, and personal development that the game encourage are just as valuable for women, as they are for men.

We genuinely believe that women will enjoy and benefit from getting into the game. Even better, golf courses stand to gain a lot from encouraging women to play. There are rounds to be booked and new memberships to sell to this vastly untapped demographic.

In short, we think that there is no reason why your golf course shouldn't host a Women's Golf Day event. It's a win-win for everybody.

Here are four reasons why signing up to host a Women's Golf Day event at your golf course is a really, really good idea.

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1. Engage Women Who Already Play Golf At Your Golf Course

One of the best things about hosting a Women's Golf Day event is that it makes for the perfect excuse to encourage women who already play your course to invite their friends. The event is structured to be friendly to all levels of skill, so there no barriers for any woman who is interested in playing the game.

There's really no better way to show your appreciation to the women who play your course. Hosting a women's golf day demonstrates to your customers that you care about women and that you support the development of their game.

2. Connect With The Local Community

Many golf courses are looked up to as essential parts of their local community. People from your area like to congregate and enjoy each other's company at your golf course, so it's important to foster your connection to the local community.

Since Women's Golf Day is entirely a community-oriented event, hosting one is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to women and the surrounding community. This is especially true because other golf courses and retailers in your area likely will also host their related events.



3. Encourage More Women To Get Into The Game

Even today there is still a significant problem in the golf industry: women don't play golf nearly as much as men. In fact, only 25% of all golfers are women. That's a massive market golf courses are missing. If women and men golfed in equal proportions, round bookings would in increase by 50%! Imagine how much easier it would be to fill the tee sheet.

Getting more women into the game needs to start at a grassroots level, and Women's Golf Day is an essential step for bringing the movement to an international spotlight. By hosting an event at your golf course, you'll demonstrate to the women in your community that golf is an accessible and fun sport.

4. Connect Your Golf Course With An Internationally Recognized Operation

Every golf course that registers with Women's Golf Day gets listed on the website's page. While we won't talk about the great SEO benefits that come with being listed on an organization's web page here, a listing on the Women's Golf Day page is incredible value in its own right.

With the amount of media coverage that the event gets from the Golf Channel, press and internet it's inevitable that women in your area will turn to the Women's Golf Day Website to search for courses that are hosting the event. If they see your golf course listed amongst the directory, you'll generate some new customers.

Don't forget to create your own event on your social media pages. There are lots of strategies for promoting events online that are very effective and easy. However, a listing on the organization's web page is incredibly valuable.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 11.45.12 AMDon't Miss Your Opportunity To Sign Up For Free

Right now, until February 28th, registering with The Women's Golf Day organization is free! Sign up now and get materials and resources to plan your event, and get a listing on their website.

We wish you a wonderful Women's Golf Day on June 4th, and great success with planning your event.


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