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Why you need best-of-breed club management software

Best-of-breed software has been available for quite some time in the manufacturing industry, and has had much success in that space. In golf, however, club management software vendors who have adopted a best-of-breed approach are few and far between.


A best-of-breed system combines the best software in its referenced niche or industry.


This has left golf courses confined by the limitations of “integrated” systems who offer sub-par modules (tee sheet, pro shop POS, restaurant POS, integrated payment processing, accounting and email marketing) that are not built to handle the realities of their respective departments. As a result, pro shops are not managed efficiently, a restaurant’s IT needs are never fully met, and accounting clerks drown in repetitive back office data-entry. This is exactly where best-of-breed systems flourish.


Click here to download our report on how other operators are using a POS system to grow their golf course.


Best-of-breed software is especially effective if your facility is using an outdated system that is not adapted to modern-day technologies. While a fully integrated system has its own set of benefits, they do not offer nearly the same level of flexibility, and may even steer your facility into a technological dead end faster than you would expect.

For example, a retail-specific POS system is implemented in pro shops, while a food-and-beverage-specific POS is used in the restaurant or snack bar. It performs specialized functions better than any integrated system, given that it was purposefully built to handle its respective areas.

We’ve listed a few benefits of using best-of-breed club management software with the ultimate goal of helping you determine whether it’s the right fit for your course.

You benefit from using the latest technology

Fully integrated systems notoriously use outdated technology. If the backbone of your IT system is highly outdated, you cannot expect to get the information you need with a modern, flexible and easy-to-understand presentation. Cloud-based systems are today’s gold standard in club management software because it allows you to access your data from any device and any location. That means you can be on the beach in Mexico with your iPad, and see exactly what’s happening at the club in real-time.

It’s imperative that your golf course management software uses the most trusted and innovative technologies available to support your day-to-day operations.

Improved processes in every department

Given that the best-of-breed approach uses industry-specific modules, users will have access to tools that make the most sense in their respective environments.

For example, a Director of Retail Operations will be able to leverage historical inventory data at merchandise shows and make educated purchases for the upcoming season. With a POS that is solely built to handle retail operations, your Director will be able to identify the number of units sold for a given product, total revenue generated, and, most importantly, a product’s margin. With this information, your Director can bring a tablet to a merchandise show and consult this data in real-time. Not only does this eliminate the need to print numerous physical reports, but you can actually show your vendor the real numbers – it’s the ultimate negotiation tool.

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Integration with maximum flexibility 

Best-of-breed software does not mean that there is no integration, nor does it mean that modules act independently. In fact, when presented with club management software that takes this approach, the transition between systems is seamless – mimicking the cohesive approach of an integrated system, all while maintaining the benefits of best-of-breed.

Data is not duplicated, which means your customer database and sales data is kept constant across all platforms. Moreover, when data is edited in one module, that information gets synced to all other modules instantaneously – so no need for double data entry, which is quite common in a handful of POS systems. This is a major time-saver for your Accountant knowing that your software is integrated with accounting software like Quickbooks, Sage One or Xero.

A single point of contact for after-sale support and training

A reliable club management software vendor should be extremely well versed in all their products, which eliminates “finger pointing” between vendors. This removes the added hassle of interacting with multiple vendors for troubleshooting or support.

More importantly, training and on-boarding in a multi-vendor environment is also handled by one main vendor, regardless of the system you are using (pro shop POS, restaurant POS, tee sheet, accounting or payment processing). This is most important for your staff, but equally important for your members who may have questions regarding online tee time booking or house account statements.

You can lean on the main vendor’s support team knowing they are available at all times should you or anyone from your facility have a question.


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SJDM9985 180x180 - Chronogolf passes significant Milestones, opens new offices in Canada and the United States

Chronogolf passes significant Milestones, opens new offices in Canada and the United States

Chronogolf is pleased to announce that it has reached 400 golf courses on 5 continents now on its Chronogolf Pro management software. Since the beginning of its fiscal year, the company has experienced unprecedented growth taking on over 100 courses in only four months. This milestone marks an important turn for the business as they begin scale their operations worldwide.

The company shows no signs of slowing down, after raising a recent round of funding, Chronogolf is opening two new offices on Market Street in San Francisco and in the Mile-End in Montreal to add to its current offices in Paris, Toronto and Vancouver. This increase in space will allow Chronogolf to further development of it’s golf course management software suite and increase staffing within its marketing, sales, and customer support departments. The company sees this expansion as a way to satisfy the needs of its current and future customers who are increasingly being found around the globe.

Of the company, Co-Founder and Executive Director JD St-Martin says, ‘’We have grown from a handful customers in 2013 to a significant player in the golf tech space. We see tremendous growth for our Chronogolf Pro platform in North America, Europe and Australia in the coming months.”

Chronogolf provides a fully integrated cloud-based software solution for public and private golf courses, and has processed over 8 million rounds of golf in the past 3 years. Given the growth the company is currently experiencing, Chronogolf expects to double that number in the next 12 months.

About Chronogolf:

Chronogolf provides innovative cloud based software and marketing solutions to golf courses ranging from online booking, electronic tee-sheet, members management, tournaments management, customer loyalty and point of sale solutions for pro shops, snack bars and restaurants. Hundreds of golf courses trust Chronogolf as their software provider across the world. Chronogolf is headquartered in Montreal, with offices in San-Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto and Paris.


Alex Bramos, Marketing

tee sheet management software

golf software chronogolf integreates with payment processing software stripe

Chronogolf Integration Highlight : Stripe for online payment processing

golf software chronogolf integreates with payment processing software stripe

3 reasons why Stripe is the new standard in online payment processing

You work hard to build your brand, get customers on the course and deliver great service. But when it comes time to handle payments, do you have the right tools? Take your golf course management to the next level by using an online payment processing software that’s robust like Stripe. Here are 3 ways Stripe can change the way you manage your golf course:
chronogolf integrates with stripe to accept all payments types for online payment processing

1- You can accept online payments and create deals on-the-go 

Stripes makes online payment processing a pain-free experience. Start accepting all the major cards and currencies from around the world. Allow members to pay online directly. No need to type long credit card numbers over and over again. You can save customers’ card information to allow them to pay in a single click when they come back. Your employees and customers will love how practical it is.
 chronogolf integrates with stripe to manage subscriptions and payments for online payment processing

2- You can manage recurring transactions and house accounts

Do you handle tons of golf memberships and subscriptions? Do you have members with house accounts? 
Stripe removes the stress and confusion from handling subscription and recurring transactions. Golf course memberships can be sold, modified and tracked. Manage all the subscriptions for your course, the way you want it. Stripe gives you full control and flexibility. Need to modify a subscription mid-month? Stripe automatically calculates how much is owed. Need to have multiple subscriptions per customer? Stripe can handle that as well.
  track and report your online payment processing with chronogolf and stripe

3-  You can track sales and generate custom reports

Take better decisions, faster. Use Stripe’s integrated dashboard to see your golf course’s data in real-time. Get an overview of all the relevant online payment information – payment types, countries, currencies – in real time. Manage every incoming payment, outbound transfers, subscriptions and charges from your own dashboard. Get a quick and accurate snapshot of your business. Take critical decisions according to your own data, anytime and anywhere you want. Generate custom reports to analyze your business operations in real-time. Track sales, refunds, payments types, accounts and more. Generate account reports and activity reports every month to conciliate your sales.


Key take-aways:
  • Stripe is an online payment processing software that integrates with Chronogolf
  • It allows you to accept all kinds of payment types and currencies easily
  • It also makes it easy for you to manage house accounts and recuring payments
  • Stripe gives you access to powerful tracking and reporting tools
  • Chronogolf integrates with Stripe to revolutionize the way you handle online payment processing



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Screenshot 2015 06 04 13.01.59 180x180 - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management

Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp – Golf Course Management

 newheader2mailchimp - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management
We know golf course management means communicating with customers and telling them about course related events, tournaments, and promotions. So, how do you get your members to actually read the information you send them?


MailChimp makes sure you are sending emails to all contacts in your customer database and offers robust tools that ensure you are sending out exactly what your customers want to read. Want to optimize this aspect of golf course management? Here’s how:

1. Sync your email list with your customer database in real time

When you send out newsletters, announcements, and memos you want to make sure that every member at your club receives it. Mailchimp allows you to ensure this is by automatically syncing with your Chronogolf customer database.   Your mailing list will never be out date and you’ll never have to manually enter your member’s emails again. This way your golf pos, your tee-sheet and your marketing efforts will all be connected.

autosync 2 300x196 - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management

2. Know exactly who is reading and engaging with your content

It’s one thing to send an email to all your clients, but getting them to actually read it is the hard part. You want to know if the content you’re sending is interesting enough to encourage customers to engage with your golf course. MailChimp simplifies golf course management by offering robust tracking tools that allow you to monitor who is opening, reading, and clicking links in your emails. By using this you can know exactly who is reading your newsletter, who responds to certain promotions, and who is uninterested receiving email communications. It’s the best of both worlds. Engage those who want to be engaged without annoying potential clients.

mc features report 300x190 - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management

3. Personal, customizable email templates

Emails that look good get more clicks. MailChimp has tons of professional templates that all look unique. Of course, you are not limited to only these. Customize them, add your own branding and even some golf course pictures to give your emails a personal flavor. You can even set up emails to be addressed personally to all customers on your mailing list. Using the deep customization features in MailChimp will transform your email marketing strategy and get more customers engaging with your golf course.

intent 0027650b 300x228 - Chronogolf Integrations: MailChimp - Golf Course Management


This season don’t blast your customers with another boring newsletter. Monitor the success of your emails while sending content that your customers will actually remember. With Chronogolf and MailChimp, it’s easier than ever before!

Key takeaways:

  • Emails are an excellent way of sharing information about your golf course with your customers.
  • Sending “Welcome Back” emails is a great way of announcing the start of the 2017 golf season.
  • You want to make sure that you’re communicating with every customer known to you.
  • Knowing who is engaging with your content will help you write better content.
  • Making your emails look and feel better will increase customer engagement.
  • Using Chronogolf with MailChimp is a powerful way to improve golf your course management and make use of your ever expanding customer database.


Chronogolf brings your tee-sheet to life by integrating with top-of-the-line software such as MailChimp, Lightspeed, Stripe, Vantiv, QuickBooks and Thirdshelf. Click here to learn more about our software integrations.

Plug your tee sheet into best of breed software with Chronogolf.

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header spacved 180x180 - Chronogolf Integration Highlight: Third Shelf – Customer Loyalty

Chronogolf Integration Highlight: Third Shelf – Customer Loyalty

loyaltybanner2 6 - Chronogolf Integration Highlight: Third Shelf – Customer Loyalty


You work hard to build your brand, get customers on the course and deliver great service.
But have you ever wondered how golf courses retain their customers better than others?
It all boils down to customer loyalty.


Thirdshelf takes care of customer loyalty by helping you reward your best customers in the most meaningful ways. Creating your own loyalty program is now easy. With Thirdshelf, you can build a tailored loyalty program within minutes and unlock the value of all your efforts. Here are some of the key features:


1- A loyalty program that’s as unique as your course

Your loyalty program needs to stand out. With Thirdshelf, you can choose between many different models or even mix & match to create your own custom model.  Choose between tiers, points, cash backs and punch-cards. Add advanced earning rules to optimize your program as it grows.


thirdshelf chronogolf golf course customer loyalty

2- Marketing automation that makes sense

Marketing requires a lot of time and focus. You need to have the tools to automate and react at the right moment with your customers. Thirdshelf lets you build timely offers that are automatically sent out via different channels can help you increase pro-shop sales. Create basic offers, notifications, custom offers and seasonal offers. Use the scheduling & automation tools to scale your loyalty program and save time without comprising authenticity.

thirdshelf chronogolf golf course customer loyalty


3- Powerful tracking tools

Marketing is also about tracking and understanding your customers. Thirdshelf allows you to segment your customer base and launch personalized content that caters to your different customer segments. With its powerful tracking tools that integrate with Chronogolf and your POS, Thirdshelf allows you to track the customer lifecycle, create automatic and custom segments and track all this information within a single dashboard. No more players left in the rough!

thirdshelf chronogolf golf course customer loyalty


Key takeaways:

  • Customer loyalty has to be nurtured on a day-to-day basis with the right tools.
  • Tracking and rewarding positive customer behaviour is essential to retain customers.
  • Chronogolf integrates with Thirdshelf to help you build the perfect brand loyalty program for your golf course.
  • Thirdshelf is the only loyalty marketing solution that is fully integrated with the most popular POS solutions
  • No coding, developing, or special skills required.
  • Drive sales, automate customer communications, build your customer base and generate repeat sales.
  • We’ll have your POS “Thirdshelf activated” in seconds!

Chronogolf brings your tee-sheet to life by integrating with top-of-the-line softwares such as MailChimp, Lightspeed, Stripe, Vantiv, QuickBooks and Thirdshelf. Click here to learn more about our software integrations.

Plug your tee sheet in the best of breed softwares with Chronogolf.


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6 questions to ask before buying a new golf POS

devices white bis@2x 1 300x190 - 6 questions to ask before buying a new golf POS


Your golf POS should do more than just process transactions. It should follow your golfers, whether on-site or online, grow as you grow, build loyalty, increase sales and help bring in new customers. 

There are many golf POS systems on the market. But as a busy golf course owner/manager, sifting through an endless array of options is probably the last thing on your mind. Make things easier by remembering these six questions to ask when shopping for a golf POS.


1. How does the POS manage inventory?

Studies have shown that retailers can lose up to 14% of customers due to products being out-of-stock.

A good golf POS keeps your shelves well-stocked; it helps you forecast, automate, and consolidate your inventory management.



What to look for:

  • Insight into stock levels
  • Reports on best selling products
  • Automated reminders when you are running low on stock
  • Easy workflow for making purchase orders



2. How does it enhance the customer experience?

Over 70% of today’s top retailers are deploying tablets in their stores to provide sales floor support. The right golf POS helps create an intimate, personalized shopping experience that builds brand loyalty.


What to look for:Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.44.03 AM

  • Support for iPhones and iPADs
  • Upsell features such as suggestions for related products
  • Customer database that tracks past purchases, preferred brands, sizes
  • Features for keeping special notes on customers



3. How does the POS sync with online purchases?

According to the National Retail Federation, 6 out of 7 consumers research products online before buying in a store. The right golf POS helps you build an online store and sell through both on-site and online channels.

What to look for:web

  • Synchronization between web and physical stores when it comes to inventory, sales, and order requests
  • Consolidated reports on total sales, sales per physical store, sales from e-commerce
  • Extending your retail presence with custom, branded templates


4. Can it help you create targeted marketing?

Research has shown that fewer than 1 in 10 new prospects will make a purchase, while more than 6 in 10 existing customers will buy again. As a result, today’s leading marketers are no longer sending out generic email blasts – they’re “crafting consumer conversations.” The right golf POS helps you get with the times and send relevant communications tailored to your customers’ preferences.

What to look for:Targeted-Marketing-300x1-300x240

  • Customer database for capturing name, contact info, preferred method of contact, favorite brands, walk-in or online shopper
  • Integrates with email marketing software, like MailChimp, for emailing customers and tracking click-through rates
  • Features for segmenting your customer database, and tailoring promotions to fit those segments


5. Does your golf POS provide helpful reports?

A good POS will show you how well you’re doing, and where you can improve.


What to look for:report

  • Reports that show tee-time utilization rates and revenue contribution per player category
  • Reports that show most profitable products, top-selling products, lowest-selling products, top-performing sales associates, busiest store hours, top brands, and online vs. in-store sales
  • Easy access to information for better decision-making, such as for purchasing and staff scheduling


6. Is training and support part of it?

A good POS vendor helps you figure out if the software fits your needs and if it will help your golf course succeed.


What to look for:

  • Multiple ways to reach the support team, such as over the phone, online tickets, and live chat
  • Local channel partners — specialists who provide on-site consultation, installation and troubleshooting services
  • Variety of training materials, including online help, step-by-step courses, videos, webinars




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About the author:

JD photo

JD is a passionate golfer, entrepreneur and a sales & marketing expert. He writes to inspire, educate, and inform readers on all things related to how technology is transforming the way golf courses are operating.

Picture promocodes 180x180 - Top 5: Promote your golf course online

Top 5: Promote your golf course online


It can be very difficult at times to grow your client base when you are always targeting the same golfers, you know, the ones who already play at your course. Exposure to a new audience is a crucial part in growing your business. Most businesses will try to advertise promotions on third party sites. As great as these sites can be for consumers, they dont necessarily have a healthy data base of golfers and these sites can be quite costly to promote on which leaves you with little profit.

At Chronogolf we have been hard at work developing tools which allow golf courses to better promote their facility online. Here are our top 5 recommendations.


1. Don’t sell yourself short

A big mistake most companies make when advertising discounts or promotions is that they tend to discount their current product by too much. As a result, they end up hurting their brand. Statistics show that adding a free or discounted service/item to a regular priced purchase goes much further than liquidating a product just to move inventory. Don’t always discount your green fee, instead, add a discounted service or product to your regular green fee rate (free cart, sandwich or even a sleeve of balls).


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.06.01 AM


2. Always ask for an email address

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.11.35 AM

Capturing customer data is a crucial part to growing your business. Almost every golfer today has an email address and email marketing is your quickest and most efficient way of communicating with them. It is important to build on your existing data base at every possible opportunity as year over year you will lose clients and you want to make sure you’re constantly adding fresh contacts to your email marketing campaigns so you can keep your numbers moving up. When taking reservations over the phone, mention to your client that online reservations are the quickest and easiest way to book their tee time.

Ask for an email address, letting them know that a booking confirmation will be sent their way.


3. Stay connected through newsletters

There are a lot of free or cost-effective e-mail marketing tools out there. At Chronogolf we recommend and integrate with Mailchimp. Upload your list of customers and send them informative and relevant content through a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter. Keep it brief and aim for a click! Newsletters can create a deeper bond with your customers. Share upcoming events, course improvements, golf tips, photos, special promotions. Be reliable, constant and always enable your readers to opt-out easily. You don’t want to spam them!


4. Make sure your website is mobile-friendlymobile

Over 50% of Canadians access the internet through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets instead of personal computers. You probably already have a website. But is that site mobile responsive? At Chronogolf we use responsive web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

5. Capture smart actionable data

Are you tracking the utilization rate of your tee-times? Are you tagging each sale to a customer and player category? Are you managing your inventory? Capturing key data points will enable you to better understand your customers and make profitable business decisions. Your point of sale and tee-sheet system should provide you with detailed reports that will enable you to measure and adjust your buying and marketing strategies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.57.22 AM

Picture promocodes 180x180 - Promocodes



Working with third party promotional channels to drive new business to your course can be a difficult and costly task. Chronogolf Pro offers an advanced Promotional code tool which empowers you to run your own promotions at no extra cost. This can be a very handy tool when trying to increase occupancy during those quiet moments of the week.

Caddy Tip

After creating your unique code, distribute it to your golfers using your pro-shop receipt, via your website, Facebook or even broadcast it on your online booking engine by pasting it to the news field found under settings in your tee sheet. This will help create awareness around this campaign.



  1. Click on the “Discounts” icon found to the left of your tee-sheet
  2. Select “Promo Codes”
  3. Generate new promo code or click on the blue plus button on the top right of the screen
  4. Enter a name you want to give your promo or let the system generate a unique code for you, example: PROMOTUESDAY132323
  5. At this point you, will be able to key-in the percentage to the product you are looking to discount. note: both green fees and carts can be added to the same promo
  6. Select the “Restrictions” tab to assign specific settings to your promo code, such as; start and end dates, specific days of the week, periods of the day and eligible player types.