How Jackson National Moved From a Pen and Paper Tee Sheet Into the Future

Chronogolf helped Jackson National:
  • Migrate from pen and paper to the cloud
  • Increase online bookings
  • Improve pro shop and restaurant efficiency
How Jackson National Moved From a Pen and Paper Tee Sheet Into the Future

Being a part of the Chronogolf by Lightspeed Family has made my job that much easier. Their tee sheet is very easy to use and their support staff are phenomenal and very informative. We have been using Chronogolf by Lightspeed for over two years and couldn’t be happier. Everyday, new modules are added to enhance their software or adjustments are made to old modules. However, what we like the best about Chronogolf by Lightspeed is that they listen to our suggestions. Cheers to a job well done Chronogolf by Lightspeed!

Dana Talkington, General Manager, Jackson National

Jackson National Was Stuck in the Past

Dana Talkington was starting to get frustrated with how her Tenessee based golf course was running. Another season had passed at Jackson National's two properties, and Dana was getting tired of wasting time managing her business between an old POS, Microsoft Office, and a pen and paper tee sheet. It was about time to start looking for an upgrade.

To make things worse, the company that provided them with POS software had recently been acquired, and customer support service levels had dropped off. It took days to get critical questions answered, and the system itself was getting a little bit clunky and hard to work with.

Dana knew it was time to make a serious update at her operation. She was sick of answering phone calls to take tee time reservations and having to jot down each customer reservation manually was a major pain. It was wasting a lot of time to have to record each customer email and manually enter it into MailChimp. On top of that, data like phone numbers, addresses, and credit cards were not being tracked or recorded.

How Jackson National Moved From a Pen and Paper Tee Sheet Into the Future

What Tools Does Jackson National Use?

How Jackson National Moved From a Pen and Paper Tee Sheet Into the Future

It Was Time to Find a Better Solution

Jackson National needed a system that could manage all the parts of her operation from one simple platform. Something that could connect her tee sheet, accounting software, POS, customer database, and email marketing tools. Plus, data needed to flow seamlessly from one tool to the next to ensure recording customer information and storing data from the tee sheet was user-friendly and straightforward.

That's when Dana discovered Chronogolf by Lightspeed. The first thing that caught her eye was the tee sheet. As an operation that managed tee time bookings through pen and paper, the cloud-based tee sheet offered so many benefits. It was clear that this tool was going to make Dana's life easier. She loved how it could help her see everything on a day to day basis and understand what was coming up. Dana was immediately sold.

Implementation was quick and easy, and the team at Jackson National was quickly impressed by the speed and ease of interacting with Chronogolf by Lightspeed's 24/7 support team. They didn't just get back to your emails, the simple chat feature allowed for employees and trainees to communicate with support directly from the tee sheet.

With a bit of work and some database cleaning, Jackson National successfully migrated from its ancient system onto a fully connected, accessible from anywhere, and user-friendly golf management platform.

Chronogolf Revolutionized the Way Jackson National Does Business

Now the course could easily manage the emails it collected and improve its marketing efforts, especially because capturing emails was made easier through the course's shiny new Chronogolf-built website and online booking tool.

Soon, the pro shop phone quieted down, as players began making use of online booking. Customers liked the easy to use booking interface, and staff loved how intuitive and user-friendly the new POS was.

Three years later, the difference at Jackson National is "night and day," according to Dana Talkington, "it revolutionized everything we do." The old days of using pen and paper seem so far away. The course is now able to analyze data and make use of customer information to help its marketing efforts. Managing the two courses is much easier with a consolidated system, and being cloud-based gives Dana the advantage of managing her operation from wherever she is.

Today, processes at the course are very efficient. The organization has dramatically benefitted from the degree of interactivity that Chronogolf offers through the website, booking tool, tee sheet, and POS. With an interconnected system, the course now sells a variety of auto-renewing subscription memberships. Marketing has improved because the system automatically updates its email lists in MailChimp, and consolidates POS data throughout the entire system.

How Jackson National Moved From a Pen and Paper Tee Sheet Into the Future

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