How Ratcliffe Golf Services Automates Its Email Marketing Strategy

Chronogolf helped Ratcliffe Golf Services:
  • Increase open rate
  • Increase click-through rate
  • Win defected customers back
  • Increase revenue with better marketing campaigns
  • Save time with automated email marketing

Virtually every golf course struggles with communicating with their customers. They’re looking for ways to make it more effective, more efficient, and for a lower cost. ChronoPitch answered these problems, we’re handling an entire communications strategy in way that’s not resource intensive. It’s the best bang for your buck– there’s nothing out there that even touches it

Del Ratcliffe, President, Ratcliffe Golf Services

Del Ratcliffe Was Starting to Get Fed Up

As president of Ratcliffe Golf Services, a five course Charlotte, NC based Multi Course Operator, he wasn’t seeing the kind of turnout he wanted at his courses. What made matters worse was the lack of returns his marketing was generating. Following up with customers after their rounds was too time consuming, and it was much too difficult to send personalized emails and target them based on the channels from which customers were coming to the business.

There was a major problem with Del's email marketing strategy. He needed to end his untargeted “pray and spray” email blasts and replace them with something different that could target customers with personalized messaging that was based on the customer’s actual relationship with his golf courses.

Del quickly discovered that in 2008 there wasn’t any marketing software available that was built from the ground up by and for the golf industry. So, he set out on a decade’s long journey to build his own golf course marketing software. These realizations would soon spark the formation of what ultimately become ChronoPitch, Chronogolf by Lightspeed’s new marketing automation software.

How Ratcliffe Golf Services Automates Its Email Marketing Strategy

What Tools Does Ratcliffe Golf Services Use?

How Ratcliffe Golf Services Automates Its Email Marketing Strategy

ChronoPitch Dramatically Improved Marketing Performance

Today, ChronoPitch has revolutionized the way Del and many others run their golf operations.

Each of Del’s five operations currently run several automated email marketing campaigns that are triggered by the golfer’s activities and actions including birthdays, customer loyalty point balances, defector “win-back” campaigns, reminder campaigns and much more.

The software can even tailor campaigns specific to customers who booked through a third party, over the phone, or through an online booking tool.

Across his five operations, Del saw his open and click rates increase. Best of all, achieving these results took almost no day-to-day work. Aside from the set up time, the emails send automatically in the background every day.

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