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Email Marketing for Golf Courses: A Complete Guide to Getting Started

Take a look at the basics and learn how to use email marketing at your golf course – it’s part of any successful online promotional strategy.

Learn strategies to help with:

  • Choosing the best email marketing services provider
  • Getting permission from mail out subscribers
  • Earning the respect of your audience
  • Creating email content
  • Scheduling send outs
  • Analyzing results

Download the free guide and follow the steps to learn how to start engaging with your customers through email.

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Just like any software purchase, you need to do your due diligence and shop around. Here are a few checkpoints you should be looking out for:

Ease of use

For email marketing software, simplicity is key. You should be able to create your first campaign in a matter of minutes. Sign up for free trials, test a few vendors out and see which one is easiest to use. If you have staff that needs training on this, you want them to be able to pick it up as fast as possible.


You want to stay in touch with your golfers on a timely basis. Sending automated emails based on specific dates can be a huge time saver. For example, when membership end dates are approaching, you can set up an automated campaign that sends reminders to your members to renew.

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Tyler MacEachern, Director of Golf Greensmere Golf Club.

"Every so often, I have to go back to our old system to run a report or look up an account and that’s when I realize how much Chronogolf and Lightspeed has improved everything for us — sales are made faster, it’s flexible and dynamic."



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