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How a POS System can Grow your Golf Course

Having a good POS system can dramatically improve the performance of your retail and restaurant operations. In fact, Chronogolf’s customers grow their businesses by an average of 8% after their first year with their new POS. 

Golf courses grow with Chronogolf POS systems by:

  • Getting better at making purchase orders
  • Developing data based sales strategies
  • Personalizing interactions with customers
  • Omnichannel retailing
  • Reducing time spent managing technology

Read on to see what these course owners are doing to boost their bottom lines with modern technology.

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You can create an outstanding customer experience for your customers by personalizing your interactions with them. Chronogolf lets you look up customers’ spending habits as well as keep track of their personal preferences.

If you follow the classic 80/20 business rule, where 80% of your business comes from just 20% of your customers, Chronogolf makes it easy to know who that 20% is. Just pull up the report on sales by customer, and you’ll see who’s shopping with you most.

Chronogolf makes it easier to collect data from your customers too. Sales staff can either enter customer information collected over progressive conversations, or customers can enter in their email address on the customer facing display while the sales associate is ringing up their sale. Many customers like this option as it also gives them the opportunity to have receipts emailed.

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Tyler MacEachern, Director of Golf Greensmere Golf Club.

"Every so often, I have to go back to our old system to run a report or look up an account and that’s when I realize how much Chronogolf and Lightspeed has improved everything for us — sales are made faster, it’s flexible and dynamic."



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