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It’s Time to Become the Golf Operator of the Future

This is the guide for you if you want to keep your golf course competitive with the hundreds of courses that are adopting cloud technology, digital marketing strategies, mobile applications, and more.

In Part 1 Learn How To:

  • Know your customer intimately with better data 
  • Understand exactly what products and services clients want
  • Segment customers into highly specific groups
  • Predict when golfers are most likely to play
  • Implement mobile app marketing
  • Save money with automation
  • Turn online booking into a social platform

We’re here to help you understand why and how these technologies can help you streamline operations, cut management costs, attract young audiences, and improve member services.

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Imagine a scenario where your customer lands on your website only to see an advertisement showing the exact golf shoe they’ve been drooling over in the golf shop after every round of golf. It wouldn’t be surprising if a moment like that instigated a purchase, either online or at the pro shop after the player’s next round.

Millennials have grown up in the digital world, everything they’ve interacted with has involved a screen, a keyboard, the internet or social media. Even though they don’t mind getting their hands on products and trying things on in person at your pro shop, millennials are much more likely to respond to online promotions and order through a webstore like Amazon or even your pro shop’s ecommerce site.

Young people increasingly see themselves as having a unique identity, and are fiercely loyal to specific brands and styles. As a result, they tend to purchase only from retailers offering those names and looks. In short, if you show a TaylorMade commercial to a Titleist fan, a positive response (if any) is unlikely. Instead, a special web offer on a set of Titleist irons timed to reach loyal advocates of the brand will elicit a much stronger response and generate more sales.

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Tyler MacEachern, Director of Golf Greensmere Golf Club.

"Every so often, I have to go back to our old system to run a report or look up an account and that’s when I realize how much Chronogolf and Lightspeed has improved everything for us — sales are made faster, it’s flexible and dynamic."



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