How The Rise Added $190,000 In Top Line Revenue In One Year With The Help Of Chronogolf Business

In early 2016, Chad Scott was facing a tough challenge. He had recently been hired on as the new Director of Golf at a struggling facility called The Rise Golf Club. Chad knew he had to make some changes at The Rise. At the time, the course was not well established in the Vernon, BC market so he decided he had to clear the slate and start from scratch.
in top line revenue in one year

Chronogolf has been an excellent partner to help us enhance our golfers' experience and increase our revenue. The cloud-based system eliminates the purchase of expensive servers while also giving myself and our managers the ability to log in from home or from their mobile device when on the move. The UI is extremely well thought through and polished, giving a modern feel and experience to our customer while allowing intuitive ease of use for our employees. The team at Chronogolf are receptive to feedback and are progressive thinkers, consistently improving the software and adding new features and options on a regular basis. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chronogolf to an operator looking for a savvy, modern tee sheet solution.”

Chad Scott, Director of Golf, The Rise Golf Club


Upon his arrival, Scott could tell his staff wasn’t happy with its current golf management software provider. It wasn’t very user-friendly and, to make things worse, the old system had not been successful with collecting quality data. Scott wanted more out of his software, its lack of marketing features was not helping the course target or grow its audience in the region.

So, Scott decided to look for a new solution, something that was cloud-based, had progressive marketing features, and was user-friendly enough for his staff to understand. It wasn’t long until Scott settled on Chronogolf as his new solution.

Since implementing Chronogolf at his operation, The Rise has seen a ton of growth. The course is now well established in the region and is continuing to grow year over year.


Between 2016 and 2017 Chronogolf helped The Rise:

  • • Add $190,000 in top line revenue
    • Increase public and member online bookings by 5% and 3%, respectively
    Develop a successful email marketing strategy
    • Implement a custom mobile app that has been downloaded over 600 times
    Sell pro shop products online through eCommerce

Today, The Rise is in every way a power user of Chronogolf Business. The golf course has taken advantage of and benefitted from every feature available while it continues to grow in its market.

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