Shogo Accounting

Bring your entire operation together under one accounting system with Shogo. No matter how many POS terminals or locations your operation has, Shogo quickly consolidates all information into a number of accounting platforms. Access, transfer, monitor and analyze your sales data from anywhere with the cloud.  Shogo makes it simple to automatically record all accounting information daily into your accounting platform.

Shogo allows you to integrate with: Quickbook, Xero, SageOne, Exact

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Chronogolf Pulls Your Entire Accounting Strategy Together With Shogo

Shogo bridges every transaction and piece of accounting data into your existing accounting software. Consolidate transactions from multiple POS systems into your accounting system, and instantly track your entire business. If you operate from multiple locations, Shogo makes it possible to manage and consolidate data from each location into your accounting software. No more exporting and importing spreadsheets, Shogo automatically places your data into your accounting software.


Shogo’s Benefits

  • Integrates directly with Lightspeed POS
  • Eliminates the need to export and import accounting data
  • Make better decisions with accounting reports
  • Easily calculate COGS
  • Feed retail and restaurant data into the same accounting plaftform
  • Integrate with eCommerce platforms
  • Access anywhere from the cloud

''Virtually every golf course strugles with communicating with their customers. They’re looking for ways to make it more effective, more efficient, and for a lower cost. ChronoPitch answered these problems, we’re handling an entire communications strategy in way that’s not resource intensive. It’s the best bang for your buck– there’s nothing out there that even touches it.''

Del Ratcliffe, President, Ratcliffe Golf Services

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