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Working with third party promotional channels to drive new business to your course can be a difficult and costly task. Chronogolf Pro offers an advanced Promotional code tool which empowers you to run your own promotions at no extra cost. This can be a very handy tool when trying to increase occupancy during those quiet moments of the week.

Caddy Tip

After creating your unique code, distribute it to your golfers using your pro-shop receipt, via your website, Facebook or even broadcast it on your online booking engine by pasting it to the news field found under settings in your tee sheet. This will help create awareness around this campaign.



  1. Click on the “Discounts” icon found to the left of your tee-sheet
  2. Select “Promo Codes”
  3. Generate new promo code or click on the blue plus button on the top right of the screen
  4. Enter a name you want to give your promo or let the system generate a unique code for you, example: PROMOTUESDAY132323
  5. At this point you, will be able to key-in the percentage to the product you are looking to discount. note: both green fees and carts can be added to the same promo
  6. Select the “Restrictions” tab to assign specific settings to your promo code, such as; start and end dates, specific days of the week, periods of the day and eligible player types.
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