Easy steps for setup our widget on your website.

Your website is powered by Wordpress

1/ Download our WordPress plugin here.

2/ In your WordPress Dashboard, go in Plugins > Add New, click on « Upload Plugin ».

3/ Upload the zip file, and activate the plugin.

4/ Go in « Chronogolf » , and fill the field CLUB_ID and choose a background color. Save your changes.

5/ You are done. The widget is now setup on your website.

Click on the right picture to see a video.

Your website is not powered by Wordpress

In this case, you will have to insert manually a custom code in the template of your website.

In most case, you can ask your webmaster to add it for you.

The code must be placed before the < /body > tag, on all the page you want the widget to be displayed.

The YOUR_CLUB_ID tag has to be replaced with your Club ID (contact us if you do not have it already).

The color tag can be replaced by an hexadecimal code (www.colorpicker.com).

<!-- Start / Chronogolf Widgets -->
  <div class="chrono-bookingbutton"></div>
    window.chronogolfSettings = {
    "clubId" : YOUR_CLUB_ID,
    "locale" : "en-US"
    // Optional
    window.chronogolfTheme = {
    "color"  : "#dd9933"
    !function(d,i){if(!d.getElementById(i)){var s=d.createElement("script");
    var r=d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
<!-- End / Chronogolf Widgets -->