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Stop Theft at your Clubhouse

Running a clubhouse can be profitable, but it can also be hard, stressful, and a financial drain. If that’s not enough, with so much cash flowing in and out, it’s tempting for employees to pilfer.

Unfortunately, F&B Directors aren’t always aware there’s a problem. We’ve compiled the best ways to prevent theft before it becomes a real problem at your facility.

Key Points:

  1. Use best practices around the cash register
  2. Keep track of your inventory at the bar
  3. Train and manage employees

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to reducing losses from fraud. Truth is, monitoring eliminates the temptation to steal.

Brian Warrener, Associate Professor in The Hospitality College at Johnson & Wales University, advises putting good procedures in place. This way there is a clear and precise protocol for staff to follow, even when it gets hectic.

Intelligent use of a good POS can help you to establish the most effective procedures for your bar. “The single biggest thing you can do to reduce theft is get rid of your cash register and use a POS system. A cash register is the Number One place for theft,” says consultant Mike Reis, BevIntel Seattle.

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Tyler MacEachern, Director of Golf Greensmere Golf Club.

"Every so often, I have to go back to our old system to run a report or look up an account and that’s when I realize how much Chronogolf and Lightspeed has improved everything for us — sales are made faster, it’s flexible and dynamic."



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