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In part 2 of this white paper series we take a look at how online distributors have affected the industry and why modern club management systems pull all the best and most advanced technology together into one seamless ecosystem. 

Part two of the Golf Operator of the Future will help you understand:

  • Why online tee time marketing is still important
  • How to engage local distributors
  • How to use free online resources to market your course
  • Why tee time distribution works best a social platform
  • How to leverage business intelligence
  • How to benefit from mobile app marketing
  • Why club management software ties advanced technology together

It's time for the golf industry to move into the future. Learn why modern technology makes the transition easier than you think now!

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For the golf industry, the past decade has been marked by one specific disruption: online tee time distribution. Since the the early 2000’s a multitude of golf operators have allowed a large portion of their tee times to be bought and sold and online by a number of online distributors. In principle, these platforms look very promising. Golf operators don’t have time to create their own online marketing strategy or leverage their own online booking engines to promote tee times, so it’s a no-brainer to market tee times online through an aggregator. What’s so promising about these tee time aggregators is their ability to broadcast tee times to a huge audience, generate a lot of clicks, and ultimately drive bookings to the course.

The problem is that these booking platforms have become so popular among golfers, most golf operators feel obligated to keep giving huge portions of their tee sheet away in order keep attracting players to their course. Unfortunately, when operators do this they sometimes get cannibalized by their own distributors who can discount tee times against full price rounds by up to 80%. This has resulted in a long decline in green fees for many golf courses.

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