The Ultimate Guide to Pro Shop KPIs



The 12 Key Performance Indicators You Need to Know.

  •  Total Sales
  •  Gross Margin
  • Net Margin
  • Sales by Category
  • Stock Turn
  • Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) 
    and more..
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Chronogolf is a
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  • Tee Time Ecommerce & Management
  • Retail and Restaurant Point of Sale
  • Member Management & Online Access
  • Best of Breed Product Integrations
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
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Managing a pro shop is a blend of art and science. Sometimes you need to go on instinct, sometimes you need to look at the numbers.

Metrics matter for a number of reasons: they help you become more profitable, they help you bring in more sales, and they help you control costs. What’s more, when you approach banks, landlords, and suppliers, you need to have these numbers in hand, to demonstrate how well you’re managing your business.

Metrics — often called Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) — can act like levers in your business. You pull one, and several parts of your business react. If you want metrics that will make a real difference, you need to think of them as inter-related, a complete whole that shows how well your business functions. […]

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To use the system, it doesn't take long to catch on. Everything is more efficient. It's accessible at any time. The team at Chronogolf was extremely helpful, always on call whenever we needed them. I don't think it could have gone any better to be honest.

Derek MacDonald,
Head Golf Professional The Marshes

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