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The Ultimate Guide to Customer loyalty at your Golf Course

How much time and investment should your golf club spend on engaging loyal customers? If you're not sure, let us guide you on your customer loyalty journey. 
Learn How To:
  • Identify and engage your top 100 customers
  • Execute informative customer surveys
  • Implement an effective customer loyalty program
  • Generate more memberships
  • Engage current members
  • Turn millennials into loyal customers
  • Use software tools enhance your customer loyalty strategy
Loyalty marketing is a proven strategy for delighting customers, generating more business, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. Learn how you can put a forward thinking customer loyalty program in place now!
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Loyalty rewards have to be meaningful and special.
Not everyone comes to the golf course just to play golf. For a lot of people, the thing they enjoy most about golfing is its social aspect, the beers after the game, enjoying nature with friends. Some clients aren’t in it for an athletic experience. Instead, they are in the market for entertainment. So, keep this in mind when creating loyalty rewards and incentives. 
When a loyal customer has passed a certain usage threshold and deserves some kind of reward, don’t just offer a one size fits all solution. The entire point is to make your valued customer feel special, so let them choose how they want to be rewarded. A good variety of options include a free round of golf, a round of free beers, a month’s worth of free towel service, a special discount in the pro shop, even a free t-shirt or hat! There are many different ways to make your loyal customers even happier.

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Tyler MacEachern, Director of Golf Greensmere Golf Club.

"Every so often, I have to go back to our old system to run a report or look up an account and that’s when I realize how much Chronogolf and Lightspeed has improved everything for us — sales are made faster, it’s flexible and dynamic."



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